Home Brew Shopping Guide

People often ask us about home brewing equipment. Brewing good quality coffee at home can be an intimidating process to get started, but have no fear! We are here to help you with this simple shopping guide to get you started!

Before we begin the list, I think it is important to point out that while some of these products may seem expensive and/or time consuming for just a cup of coffee, but we at 1418 believe great quality comes first. On this list, you will find only products our team of coffee professionals would use for themselves. Of course there are plenty of efficient and cheaper products out there, and if that’s what you’re looking for, that’s great! However, we want to promote coffee excellence, and we believe this list does that well!

(Products with * next to their name are available at our coffeehouse!)


Hario Handgrinder

This product is a bit of a pain to use, but it works well while remaining pretty cheap. Once you figure out how to adjust the grind and find a setting that works for you, the grind is pretty consistent making this the best option for the price.

Baratza Encore / Virtuoso*

No home brewing guide would be complete without mentioning Baratza grinders. Any of their grinders will give you provide you with consistency and flexibility. They’re also incredibly easy to use and relatively quiet compared to other grinders.

Malkhonig Guatamela / EK43

Unless you’re willing to drop some serious coin on home brew methods, these are probably a little unrealistic. However, they are top of the line grinders that may be good for office settings or anywhere you may find yourself needing to make large batches of coffee.


Automatic vs Pour Over

Automatic brewers will offer a more consistent and convenient cup while pour over methods will give you a chance to control all the parameters with each individual brew. In addition, pour overs highlight different aspects of the coffee than regular drip brewers do. Regardless of how you choose to brew, the right parameters paired with good quality of coffee and clean water will produce a great cup with any of these machines.

We devoted an entire post to pour overs, so for now we will just highlight a few batch automatic coffee makers!

Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT-AM

Despite the complicated name, this coffee maker is pretty simple. There are some fancy additions like adjusting brew strength and setting timers, but as long as you use high quality beans and a consistent, good grind, the standard brew will do the trick. It’s not going to be anything amazing, but it’ll get you a pretty good cup.

Bonavita 8-Cup*

We cannot recommend this product enough. For a reasonable price, it makes a great batch brew coffee. Some of our baristas own and it, and we have even used it for catering gigs. Even though it’s a bit pricier than the Mr. Coffee, the difference between the quality of the two is pretty significant.

Wilbur Curtis Gold Cup

This bad-boy should replace your Keurig. It only makes a single cup, but the quality is impeccable. Curtis has been in the coffee game for quite some time, but this product really set them on a new level in the specialty coffee world.

We hope this information helps you make some decisions about home brewing! Feel free to stop by the shop and ask one of our baristas what they think, too.